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With his years of experience, a successful track record and reputation for being a much respected trial lawyer, Kelechi Charles Emeziem, founded Emeziem & Others in January, 2012. He was a founding partner in the former law firm of Emeziem & Ogbu, LLP., which served thousands of clients in class action lawsuits, immigration matters, and general civil matters. The law firm of Emeziem & Others has continued in the same tradition. Emeziem & Others operates at a competitive cost and serve our clients efficiently and effectively. With our years of experience, we are uniquely qualified to assess cases and provide solutions that best meet your goals, needs, preferences and financial situation.

At Emeziem & Others, our attorneys work with you to manage and resolve your case through proper assessment and consultation, comprehensive research, results-oriented planning, and client-centered representation.

Proper Assessment & Consultation

To gauge the scope and level of results you can expect from your case, we provide initial consultation and both preliminary and in-depth assessment of your issues. Using our experience, we identify the issues in your case and provide you with the team, resources and solutions best suited to meet your objectives.

Comprehensive Research

We provide you with insights into the challenges you face and what needs to be done to positively deal with them. We then identify the strategic opportunities that come from the posture and position of the law, as well as the agencies and courts that will decide your case, to help you develop a course of action.

Results-Oriented Planning

The firm develops and implements results-oriented action plans the basis and direction for preparing and presenting your case – all with clearly defined goals and a devotion to exacting detail that leads to a far greater likelihood of success. Our flexibility also allows us to modify our action plans if your situation changes or unexpected circumstances occur.

To create positive outcomes for clients, we incorporate our vast knowledge and extensive experience, assign the team best suited to your case, use state-of-the-art technology, and tap into unlimited resources. Our unique method of providing both a tactical and logistical support strategy to your case not only leads to remarkable success rates, but also allows clients greater input in determining the outcome.

Client-Centered Representation

We provide you with a legal team that applies their expertise and devotes their energy to resolving your specific issues and deciphering the particular area of law related to your case. We are committed to understanding what our clients really want and determining their objectives, understanding their frustrations and caring about their concerns.

For our corporate and organizational clients, we strive to know your business and your industry. Our services are completely aligned and in compliance with customer protocols for outside counsel. Relying on our firm’s flexibility and our team’s dynamic approach, we can readily adapt to your business strategies, objectives and limitations. This leads to purposeful and effective representation that is tailored to your expectations. We understand that addressing our clients’ issues from a business perspective gives both the client and the firm an unparalleled opportunity to create a competitive edge toward the legal resolution of a business problem. Our uniquely structured “business-issue: legal resolution” approach for solving client problems adds value to our clients’ searches for business resolution in immigration or international trade law matters.

The individuals and families we represent are as important to us as our corporate and institutional clients. We provide service that is personal, empathetic and responsive to the frustrations of our clients.


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